Available at our Locations

Unlimited Daily Jack O’ Pass; only available in Florida $15
Unlimited Seasonal Jack O’ Pass $95

Daily Ticket $1


Photo Station

Tic Tac Toe Pumpkin Style

Tumbling Tombstones

Animal Viewing- 3 tickets

Cup of Feed for Animal Viewing- 1 ticket

Boo-loon Pop- 2 tickets

Pumpkin Bowling- 2 tickets

R.I.P Ring Toss- 2 tickets

Jack O’ Ping Pong Toss- 3 tickets

Bouncy House- 3 tickets

Candy Corn Hole- 2 tickets

Pumpkin Knock Down- 2 tickets

Pumpkin Putting- 2 tickets

Spooky Maze- 3 tickets
(only available in La Jolla)

“Boo”sketball- 2 tickets
(only available in La Jolla)

Bouncy Slide- 2 tickets
(only available in Florida)

Pumpkin Decorating Station
($5/small pumpkin; $10/large pumpkin)
Includes paint, feathers, glitter, and MANY more accessories!
*pumpkins not included*